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Ilustrace pro projekt Bangkok Rules

This project responds to call of the United Nations and the PRI (Penal Reform International)  to address a global problem of an increase in the number 
of women prisoners by implementing the so-called Bangkok Rules in the practice of individual states.

In the Czech Republic, the number of women prisoners increased by 50 % in the last two decades. The incarceration rate in 2021 was 180.2 per 100 thousand people, the 5th highest in Europe and 25th in the world.


The project´s main goals are to improve the enforcement of the rights of imprisoned and released women in the Czech Republic and the effective implementation of the Bangkok Rules principles.

Other goals of this project are: 


Ikona trend

The upward trend in the number of imprisoned women is a serious social problem:

Having a negative impact on their integration, social role, and dignified lives.

Deteriorating the already unequal position of women in the labor market and in society.

Making access to parental rights more difficult.

Deepening gender poverty and the threat of social exclusion.


RUBIKON Centrum, the main implementor of this project, is a non-profit non-governmental organization operating in the Czech Republic for over 26 years; supporting people with criminal pasts in their reintegration into society and the fulfillment of their rights, providing continuing expert education, and organizing awareness-raising activities for professionals and the general public about fairof people with criminal pasts.

More information at  www.rubikoncentrum.cz

The partner of the project is the Norwegian organization CBB, an NGO founded in 2014. CBB organizes various artistic and cultural events in Norway and abroad involving artists from a variety of disciplines (music, dance, theater, art, etc.). Their specific know-how is the execution of cultural and educational events and the use of art as a tool to reduce prejudice against marginalized groups. In addition, the CBB focuses on promoting human rights, democracy and civil society.

More information at www.culture-break-borders.com

The project Fulfillment of the Bangkok Rules in the Czech Republic: A Way to Support the Human Rights of Imprisoned and Released Women is being implemented by RUBIKON Centrum in partnership with a Norwegian non-governmental organization Culture Break Borders in 2022 – 2023.  

The project is funded through EEA and Norway Grants within the financial mechanism Norway grants 2014–2021. The donor’s logo and a link to more information: www.eeagrants.cz.